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luegenbold 2013-01-26 15:18

HipHopish Remix unfinished
Hi all,
here's my latest one. All Reason. Turned out as Hiphop. Still not finished, somethings missing? Overdone? Please let me know.

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find the original here

Thanks for you input


luegenbold 2013-01-28 21:53

not a single reply?!


stephencolbert5 2013-01-28 23:47

I know remixes tend to get fewer responses than original works. That might be why there were no replies. Anyway...

The stuff you added is great, but that voice is so grating. As soon as the voice came in, I was like "Jeez! What the - "

luegenbold 2013-01-28 23:55

grating... had to look up that... never heard before. But I know, what you're talking about. Yeah, maybe that is the problem :-(

mastertonyd 2013-01-28 23:57

I got an OOOPS!

luegenbold 2013-01-28 23:58


mastertonyd 2013-01-29 00:01


Originally Posted by luegenbold (Post 1228170)

No, A soundcloud ooops that says the track is unavailable. (Love the Gap Band BTW)

luegenbold 2013-01-29 00:05

Hmmm. strange. The track is set to private. But I shared the secret link. Should Work. Wait a sec, setting it public.
Here it is. Don't know if the previous link is still working.
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mastertonyd 2013-01-29 14:49

That's a funky track you have there!

luegenbold 2013-01-30 00:17

Thanks! Published to ccmixter.

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