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mbf10 2013-01-26 19:44

Rack Extensions for the Channel Strip
I've seen a couple of threads about having different channel strip emulations (ssl vs triden vs emi etc.), and i guess this is along the same line. Working with the ssl is great because the comps are right there, the eq's the filters, and everything is convenians, but wouldn't it be cool if we could customize the channel strips? Say exchange the sll eq for a trident A range (of course it would have to be smaller and turned sideways), or choose to have just the pulveriser's compression section instead of the ssl comp/dynamics, so that your actually using more of a pulversor type of emulation desk? Even having the eq section swapped out with an emi, or neve section, or softube tubetech eq channel would be cool. Of course we can modually do this in the rack, but it would be cool to be able to customize the actual channel strip sections even if the customization you chose had to appear for all the channel strips within a session, i think it would then force a new sound to your track where now you might use a trident on one instrument and the mclass eq on all others. Just an idea let me know what you all think.

omshanti20 2013-01-26 20:40


mbf10 2013-01-30 04:23

500 series rack extensions, how sweet would that be? that could totally open up doors to endless customization

omshanti20 2013-01-30 07:41


PsyTale 2013-01-30 12:20

Lets name them, SSL-Extensions :)

Christian11 2013-01-30 13:35

The ProChannel of Sonar is a very good example for this.

timmybuk2 2013-02-02 01:59

This is exactly what i want! Love the ssl but would love a trident etc. . .

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