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Neel1 2013-01-28 09:03

License question
I want to buy Reason 6.5....I usually work on a PC at home; but I usually carry my music around in live on my Macbook Pro. Is it possible for me to have one Reason package installed on both systems, or do I need to buy two different packages with two licenses. Or is it possible to buy a second license for the same copy of Reason?

reasoner498 2013-01-28 09:10

You can install Reason 6/6.5 on any number of systems, but you can only run it in authorized mode on one system at a time.

If you try running it in authorized mode on multiple systems at the same time, you'll get a warning email. After 3 or so warnings, your account will be de-activated or something like that.

Older versions have different licensing, if that's what you end up buying.

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