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phoenix690 2013-01-30 19:25

Controlling the faders on The Main Mixer in Reasons 6.5
I looked over the Axiom Pro hypercontrol user guide with a fine tooth comb, while it details how to use hypercontrol with the 14:2 and 6:2 line mixers the guide covers nothing on how to use the hypercontrol to control the newly added Main Mixer in Reasons 6.5. btw-I should point out the M-Audio online user guide seems as if it hasn't been updated since Reasons 4.0 way before the Main Mixer was added.

My question is can the Main mixer in Reasons 6.5 be controlled via the Axiom Pro hypercontrol or any other control surface for that matter?
Has anyone here tackled this problem?

PSoames 2013-01-30 21:47

I don't know about the Axiom, but Korg's NanoKontrol2 works nicely with it and defaults to the volume fades, mute, solo and pan controls when locked to the mixer.

CARTERRC 2013-03-18 12:24

On the Axiom -Press the Edit button. At the bottom of the screen is Hyper COntrol Mode. Press 0 on the keypad and this will toggle between Transport and Normal.
Counter intuitively, press 0 until it reads Normal.
Press soft key 1 on the Axiom to exit.

In Reason you need a lane in the sequencer for the master section. Select this, and you can control the sliders on the mixing desk with the sliders on your control surface.

For tighter integration look at the Nektar Panorama P4 or P6. They are about to release the P1 which has all the buttons and sliders without the keyboard.

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