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msimp 2013-01-31 05:58

Reason track featuring Bubba Sparxxx
Recently completed a new record in Reason for an artist I produce for from Houston, TX. This one features Bubba Sparxxx and is making a bit of noise down here. Check it out if you have a min!

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deepndark 2013-01-31 07:44

Nice stuff, I admire how the rapper's mouth moves so fast. This could easily get some radio-play on the radio.

ThaRealest 2013-02-01 02:15

good stuff. i was wondering whatever happened to bubba. song reminds me of the old school Twista, Do Or Die days when Traxster made the beats for them.

moofi 2013-02-01 06:38

like the track :)

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