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kimps07 2013-02-01 21:39

Sub Bass Velocity
Basically i want to be able to control the velocity of each note hit on a sub bass i'm using in Thor. How do i go about doing this in Thor


p.s this probably should have gone in the music forum i know, apologies.

LABONERECORDINGS 2013-02-01 22:06

Right in the middle of THOR is the AMP Gain control, and to the left is Vel amount. If all the way to the left then not velocity sensitive so all notes hit same volume. If you turn this to the right, velocity starts to play a part by affecting the volume, until you turn up full and every note's velocity then controls the volume of THOR's main AMP output.

philipw7 2013-02-01 22:07

If you want the MIDI velocity to control the Thor's output volume the easiest way is to open up the programmer and turn up the 'Vel' knob in the Amp section. This will control the velocity response for the whole patch,

kimps07 2013-02-01 22:18

Brilliant! worked a treat. Thanks for sharing some knowledge gents.

Reason1O1 2013-02-01 22:44

However, IF you only want velocity affecting the amp of the sub oscillator, but want to leave the other parts unresponsive to velocity, you wouldn't use the Velocity knob in the amp section at all. You would program the following in the MBRS:

MIDI Key - Velocity : 75 > Mixer - Oscillator 3 Level

Assuming that your sub oscillator is in the Oscillator 3 slot. That way, you can use one or two oscillators in slot 1 & 2 for the main bass, and the sub bass in the third oscillator slot.

Also, be sure to turn down the Mixer's Oscillator 3 level so that you give room for the velocity to work it's magic on the Mixer.

You can still use the Amp Velocity if you want, but the amp velocity will affect all three oscillators (unless you also break the signal and send one or all of them straight into Filter 3 Input).

So many ways to slice a cat.

LABONERECORDINGS 2013-02-02 12:28

Nice, PhiSequence

Cat slicing always a good art :D

Reason1O1 2013-02-02 14:41


Originally Posted by LABONERECORDINGS (Post 1230748)
Nice, PhiSequence

Cat slicing always a good art :D

Cat slicing is my specialty. Here kitty kitty. . .

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