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axegrinder 2013-02-01 22:36

Separating your midi controller. Help! :)

I have an akai mpk88 midi controller. It has 16 pads on it with sliders and knobs. I just got it.

Is there anyway to separate the controls for the drum pads and the keyboard? What I mean by this is when I'm recording is there anyway to play the drums and have a different instrument on the keys at the same time?

Does this make sense? I'm not quite sure how to word this properly lol

StormCanada 2013-02-01 23:42

You can do keyboard splits with the NN-XT and map out your notes that way. You can use the Combinator to do some more advanced things but there is a section on this in the manual. Read the NN-XT section (and eventually read it all because it's fucking good).

Good luck with it.

[edit] you have to know which notes each key or pad is sending of course.

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