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Csw91 2013-02-02 01:51

Your opinion on buying refills.
Have you ever bought refills, and did they help in your creative flow at any giving time? Did you buy them because you feel you lack the time on designing patches yourself, or perhaps you were lazy?

I just bought a bundle with Psy-Trance sounds in them, mostly because I lack the skill and knowledge on how to design an average psychedelic sound, which is why I finally and took the time, to make my creative flow easier for myself, by buying some refills. I'm aware there are no rules on which sound I choose for a psy-trance song, since it's the rhythm and pace they determines the genre, but there are just sounds that anybody can point out and say "That is a definitely something that could belong to psychedelic music"

I find it very difficult to create complex patches, that would fit into my songs, and I end up with something very simple, that just doesn't really fit into the song, but it still works.

Hehe, it almost sound like I'm trying to make an excuse for something, but I'm not tbh. Just not experienced enough to do some advanced tweaking.

SteveDiverse 2013-02-02 02:26

Sounds like you are beating yourself up inside for buying a refill instead of coming up with patches on your own.

I don't know any piano players that made their own piano - most of them bought a piano made by a piano making expert - same with guitars, bass, drums, and any other instrument I can think of.

Refills are really no different - they're software instruments.

I say, be grateful that there are some really great sound designers out there, buy their refills, and use them to make your music.

Csw91 2013-02-02 02:29

Thank you for the response :) Yes I do feel guilty about it, but then again, if it helps me progress, then I should just ignore the voice inside me xD

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