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mdmesadie 2013-02-05 11:55

Frequency Graph
Yeah, it's that time again to bring this old chestnut back up.

Please guys, this is killing me.

What I want roughly in order of importance -
a) Frequency graph shown in the mastering EQ behind the eq curve
b) Master frequency graph window that allows you to see what's happening to the whole track.
c) Cumulative frequency graph mode - a button that just makes it average up those frequencies over time (as you get in a "Match EQ") so you can see the frequency range for a whole section of a tune or track instead of just at the current time.
d) Button to freeze a frequency graph at any point, draw it in a different color and then continue to draw the live frequency graph under that in order to compare sections.
e) Button to store/retrieve a frequency graph image for later use, e.g. so you could look at where you were before adding some stuff or changing values, or to compare against some other track and be able to keep going back and checking against that value.

What would also be nice to have, but far less important
f) Option to switch between waveform display and frequency "heatmap" on audio clips.

Please guys, I'm pulling my hair out over this one. :(

AsanteLawla 2013-02-05 15:54

Spectrum analyser all the way

djfresha 2013-02-05 15:59

We're working on a 1/3rd octave analyser as you read this...

check out 'Project "EYE CANDY" thread in the User forum

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