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Di5tanzplatt3 2013-02-06 19:53

Mono Vocal Recording need help
Hi there,

last week i made a new connection, a girl who can sing :)

normal i do electronic and synth only.

so tomorow she will meet me and cover a song :O

i never done recording sample/vocal/singing girl :O

so: i have a measure mic. the only mic i have..
so i configured reason for input
the mic is mono.

is it possible to make a double mono track from the beginning?

i think she will use headphones when sing to hear her own voice
is that normal in studio?

if she her her own voice, than she only her it on the left speaker

in real life i would take the sampling input with n Y-Cable

but i think there is Y CABLE in Reason

the girl will come here and sing. and than she go away.

so i only need to record the song tomorow

can anyone help me please?

ty :)

Di5tanzplatt3 2013-02-06 20:05

i made n audiotrack now when i record its stereo.

do i need to set bpm of the instumenatalö before?

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