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Csw91 2013-02-08 21:54

Single note modulation without automation.
Just a thought that it would be cool if it were possible to have a sub menu for a single written note in the sequencer, without the need to write an automation lane for that single note, if I wanted to delay or throw a reverb in on that single note, when I find it hard sometime to write in the automation trigger, because it has to be so small, so instead it would be nice if you could modify the note by right clicking on it, and open a sub menu for it.

The note would still be affected by the sound origin (Thor for example where the sound are created) and you could modify the pitch, attack release etc without writing any automation at all!

It might be a bit anal modulation details, but I sometimes feel it would be nice to have a tool like that.

"Edit" The single note that has been modulated should be coloured green or blue or whatever the individual like, to show that "this is a note that has been fiddled with"

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