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ppaul3 2013-02-10 07:24

Punch in and out
I am using Reason 6.5. I cannot find out how to punch in and out of a vocal track I am doing. Want to punch in at measure 17 and out at measure 21. Reason support the worst ever encountered. Anybody out there have any ideas? Been doing this 30 years. Reason has me stumped completely. MANY THANKS Paul

Benedict 2013-02-10 07:43

Hi Paul

Reason support is fine, you are asking in the right place now.

I don't believe that feature exists. Before you go over the edge, I'm not sure that it is necessary as you can simply put your take on another lane and then Comp the lot into one "performance".

Reason keeps things as streamlined as possible to minimize clutter and Drop Ins are really an artifact of Tape limitations and not relevant in DAW usage.


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