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markomarkh 2013-02-10 07:45

The state of mainstream djs on radio...
Hi all, what do you think of djs on radio 1 in the uk, are they total sellouts that wouldn't know a good choon if it bit them in the ass! Have you heard the latest drum and bass by djs like Crissy criss and friction, it don't sound like real drum and bass like it did in 1994 to 1998, it's got 2 step beats that are programmed and hardly use real breakbeats, you get more trancey synths or more techy, basslines that are either fartbass or distorted way too much! Some of it I like some I don't! Don't get me wrong I'm all for evolution of music but it sounds too commercial now! I prefer real underground music! Also what you think of Mistajam and his dubstep, it just sounds like distorted noise to me. I find there ain't much variety on night time radio 1! What you think guys?

platzangst 2013-02-10 09:24


Originally Posted by markomarkh (Post 1235197)
Hi all, what do you think of djs on radio 1 in the uk, are they total sellouts that wouldn't know a good choon if it bit them in the ass!

I have no idea at all of the state of radio DJs in the UK - or anywhere else for that matter. I don't have any idea whether the dance music played on the radio is any better or worse than it was 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years ago.

I do, however, think it's a bit presumptuous to imply that anyone is a "sellout" or somehow has no idea what good music sounds like just because you don't happen to like what they play on the radio.

For one thing, too many people toss the word "sellout" without really knowing what it means. It used to be that it meant selling out a person's principles to make money. If I said I'd never play in country X because of their politics, but then turned around and did a concert there just because someone paid me a million bucks, I could then be considered a sellout, as I was going against my word or principles. But if I had no beef with country X, getting paid a million bucks for a concert isn't "selling out", is it? Except some people seem to think that any intake of money means you "sold out". I refuse to support any definition of "selling out" that involves going against some other person's principles, and not one's own.

Second, DJs aren't alone in deciding what gets played on the radio. Sure, there's a lot of industry pressure at work, but if that's all there was, nobody would listen to the radio. What keeps the radio going is, ultimately, listeners - and if they ask for certain types of music, that tends to be what they get. If you blame DJs for not knowing good music, you also have to blame every last person that tunes in those stations and makes requests. The taste of the masses drives this quite a lot.

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