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stunning 2013-02-11 01:46

I think it would be extremely handy to have somewhere in a songfile to write down lyrics. Chris

JiggeryPokery 2013-02-11 12:41

We've been using clip labelling for this for years. I sometimes use that as a reminder of what lyric goes where, albeit rather abbreviated, and I know lots of others do the same. (And some now use Blocks for similar markers while not actually using the Block itself for sequencing).

Of course, it's not ideal though, and you're right that some kind of notepad that saved with the song would be a useful feature for many.

MayorMcCheese 2013-02-11 15:34

This post by EditEd4TV is over three years old, but “.. a picture is worth a thousand words ..” sometimes: . It's easy and works nicely.

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