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piop 2013-02-11 14:15

I posted this thread in the user forum but barely anyone even looked at it.

The last few months I've been experiencing issues with Balance that I don't think I did in the past. Whenever I'm monitoring incoming audio in Reason (even if nothing is plugged in) I get really loud background noise. It's even worse when I switch to the 'GUITAR' input because it begins to feedback.

I've recorded an example of the noise ( ) , first half on the 'MIC' input and second half on 'GUITAR'. This was recorded without any recording devices plugged in to show just how bad the issue is. My gain is also well below 12 o'clock so I'm at a total loss.

Thanks for any help.

jengstrom 2013-02-11 15:01

Is anything plugged in?

The feedback should be coming from something that picks up part of the audio output and feeds it back to the input. Is a guitar plugged in?

What else is plugged into Balance? Try unplugging everything except headphones.

piop 2013-02-11 15:16

Thanks for the reply. As I mentioned in the OP, there are no input devices plugged in. The only things I have plugged into Balance are the USB lead and the OUT to my speakers. I also get the sound with headphones plugged in.

That's the reason I recorded the noise, because nothing is inputting to Balance and it's not a problem with my speakers/headphones. I only get this noise when I'm monitoring audio :(

jengstrom 2013-02-11 16:25

Did you make any changes to your workspace around Balance?

Balance has a low noise floor, but noise can come from the environment around the device.

If you unplug everything except the headphones, including speakers, so that only (passive) headphones and USB are connected to Balance, do you still hear the noise in the headphones? Is it at the same volume as it was when the speakers were connected?

Aiden 2013-02-12 21:56

Sounds like it could be Ground Loop Interference.

I suffered incredibly badly with this to the extent that it sounded like the Aliens were landing. I ended up curing it with an ART DTI Dual Transformer/Isolator which cost around £40. If it is Ground Loop Interference there are a great many ways of defeating it depending on your own personal circumstances and you would really have to read up on it and begin a process of trial and error until you find what works in your own specific case - and just because the ART unit worked for me doesn't mean it would for you.

You can read my thread here

Best of luck mate


piop 2013-02-19 12:27

I've tried using just USB and headphones and it doesn't change anything. There is still a huge amount of noise. I've also tried it in a different room and it's still as bad. Any ideas?

jengstrom 2013-02-19 16:30

OK, did you really disconnect every cable from Balance, except the headphones and USB connection?

Are the headphones passive? (Not connected to a power source)

Can you actually hear that same rising feedback sound in those headphones, when everything else except USB is disconnected?

I'm at a loss right now, have never heard of an issue like this.
If you have access to another computer, please test the Balance device there to see if it sounds better, which would mean the issue is somehow local to your computer. (maybe some kind of power supply / USB power issue somehow?)

If it is really coming from Balance itself, it would be even more strange if it was not like that from the beginning, but started sounding like that suddenly.

It would be best if you create a e-mail support case.
Start here:

(The point of disconnecting everything for this test is to make sure Balance is only electrically coupled to a single AC power source (the computer), which would eliminate ground loop interference as a cause.)

domain 2013-02-19 20:45

The audio sounds like a recording of a very sensitive mic in a room.
You sure your equip or mic or headphones is plugged in correctly and have the correct drivers or setttings?

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