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Consultant 2013-02-14 16:09

Inspector and Ruler seconds options (spoken word)
Hi Guys,

It'd be really useful to be able to switch the ruler and Inspector to be able to show seconds, or minutes and seconds, or hours, minutes and seconds. I realise you can take the bpm and calculate it (for all those that were about to suggest this), but I record spoken word and audiobooks, and it's useful to be able to know how long each chapter is; or when I've left 2.5 seconds of silence after announcing a new chapter etc. Or to be able to make a note on the script that I made an error at 4' 16 secs and go back and make the edit. Additionally if you're recording a 30 second spot, it helps to be able to pace yourself using a visual reference.

Additionally, if rights holders want retake on a project part, they'll normally refer to a section 52 minutes into chapter two, again, it can be calculated, but that's an awful lot of calculation.

I know it's a feature that's been asked for previously but I figured I'd add my voice to the request.



Consultant 2013-02-14 16:20

Just as a side note, this quote is from my Logic 9 User Manual.

"Bar ruler: A linear bar divided into bar and beat segments. The Bar ruler can also display time in hours, minutes, seconds, and finer divisions. It offers a number of functions that can be used to mark project sections for different playback and recording tasks."

It's a pretty standard thing for DAW's to provide an environment beyond "just" music production.


Consultant 2013-11-02 23:44

Just because Reason 7 has been released, still with no "time" option for the "Ruler"; it's still only available as bars, I thought it'd be good just to remind you fine folks out there in Propellerheads Developer Land that there are those of us that would be entirely content with your product if only it had this feature.



AnthonyMichaelAngelo 2013-11-03 01:34

I think it's a nice option. Why not eh?

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