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vanKloot 2013-02-15 04:55

Posting some "Figure Sketches"
First time I've posted anything I've worked up in Figure... these were all done in anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes each.

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VillaNDubstep 2013-02-15 13:27

Fly hi is cool!
All pretty good sketches actually, but flying hi is my favourite.

vanKloot 2013-02-15 16:32

Any thoughts on how to get more out of Figure? I've really tried to squeeze as much out of 3 tracks as I could with these, but I'm wondering if anyone's come up with any particular tricks or techniques that they like to use or that sound especially cool to them?

VillaNDubstep 2013-02-15 17:08

I think until figure gets an update where we can record automation for the loop the best bet would be reason, to add some variations like 8 bars no drums then 8 bars with.
I've thought about exporting some loops and chopping them up in recycle as well to add some interesting changes. I think by exporting the loops and working in reason with just that audio alone you could probably turn that 8 bar loop into a whole song.

Mate 2013-02-15 17:14

Nice sketches, vanKloot!

vanKloot 2013-02-15 17:22

Thanks Mate!

And yeah, I've exported into Reason to do more... it's definitely the way to go if you really want to turn a Figure idea into a full song. But since the contest is strictly about uploads right out of Figure, I'm trying to see just how much can be done in the app alone.

VillaNDubstep 2013-02-15 17:28

Ye same, I tried to hit record and mess with the pumping whilst recording but it didn't work :( would've been cool as well

vanKloot 2013-02-15 17:30

Yeah only way you can do that stuff is to record it realtime into Reason. Same goes for changing keys, which is musically soooooo useful. If Figure had the ability to automate all parameters... I would probably create nearly finished musical pieces in it, dumping out to Reason just for final mixing and maybe layering added instrumentation.

hamst3rf1sh 2013-02-15 17:36

They're all pretty tight. I hadn't realised that figure was that powerful. Shame there's not currently an android version for me to play with.

vanKloot 2013-02-15 21:14

Added a couple new ones... any feedback, in particular constructive feedback about how best to utilize Figure, is most appreciated! :)

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