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ajmagard 2013-02-16 20:30

Graceful reload of a crashed RE
A feature I would very much like to see is a graceful reload of a crashed RE device.

As a plan to use Reason for my future live sets, I dread the day I see the "XX has crashed but you are still able to save..." message during a set. I have got it a couple of times from the Predator RE.

In most cases, some glitches in the RE's causes them to crash under certain unknown circumstances, and I would like to have the choice of attempting a reload of the crashed RE.

I don't know how you handle RE instancing "under the hood", but if they are in fact separate instances, there should be no need to shut the entire batch of RE's off (as I believe you are doing now).
I know that this is not something which is easily done, as there is a lot of session state material which needs to be tracked and saved in order to load up in the state an instrument was in when it failed... but this is the suggestion forum, so the sky is the limit :-D

I can't remember if song playback stops entirely when an RE crashes. If it does, remove that "feature" also.

So what I am aiming at here is generally getting some exception handling that allows you to continue from 3rd party software crash - something, which I believe, your competitors are not able to do :)

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