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CeriJC 2013-02-18 19:55

Use of F5/F6/F7 screen switching query
I am trying out various screen setups and putting different screens of Reason (mixer/sequencer/rack) on different physical monitors. One thing that seems to recur repeatedly, no matter what way I set it up on two monitors is that it's great to have one monitor physically rotated as a 'portrait' one, the other as landscape.

The things is, what I'm after is to have a landscape one for the sequencer and use the other for both the mixer and rack. When I have two windows open, no matter which window has focus, when I press F5 or F6 (depending on which I've detached - mixer or rack) it substitutes the sequencer (which of course, is in landscape mode) with the rack or mixer. What I would ideally like is to have the Sequencer always displaying on the landscape monitor and the keyboard shortcuts to allow me to switch between rack and mixer, on the other monitor, which is in portrait orientation.

Is there any way to do this?

I know the real answer is having three monitors, two in portrait, one in landscape, but that will require some more saving and I need something that works in the interim. ;)

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