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Cory05 2013-02-20 13:34

your opinions for in ear monitors
Ok here goes...

I'm already sold on the concept of in-ear monitors. we have the battery pack receiver and it cuts down on feedback, onstage noise etc etc. My question is which in-ear headphones to choose from. I'm currently looking at:

* AKG K315,
* Sony Noise cancelling MDR-NC13, or
* Sol Republic Amps HD.

Anyone had personal experience with any of these or could recommend some that I am not aware of? My spend limit is approx AU$60 - AU$120 price range.

StormCanada 2013-02-20 19:01

We use the Shure 215s on stage. I had an older version of the 315s called I think the 350 series. But I like the 215s so far and they fit snug when needed but can be pulled out slightly to hear other things and they don't fall out. Sound-wise, Shure is my fav.

I don't have experience with the ones you've listed so I can't compare for you. But the 215s are $99 here in NA and fit the bill quite well for us on stage. Our issues are with the incompetent sound guys! :)

'Wha? You wann a mix in yur ear? nah we can only send to the wedges.'

kloeckno 2013-02-20 19:13

my band runs everything through Reason, so we can use in-ears and we don't have to deal with the damn sound guys! we just have to make sure the levels are all set well before shows, the Flower Audio Loudness Meter has been very useful for that so far.

I have Sennheiser IE3s, but I got some moldable silicone earplugs by Ahead. So I took the rubber tips that came with them off, and molded the silicone earplugs around the monitors. it worked pretty well!

ryszard 2013-02-21 02:17

You need to check out Westone.

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