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beckyb 2013-02-21 14:20

Choosing a new laptop, which processors are best for music production?

I am buying a new laptop soon and trying to decide which processor to take. I really dont know much about the different speeds. I searched the forum but couldnt find much specific information either. Maybe you can help me?

Im deciding between 2 Lenovo Laptops (Id post links but everything is in german, as i live here) with these processors:

Intel® Core™ i7 (3. Generation) 3632QM Processor 4x 2.20 GHz
Turbo: 3.2 GHz
Cache: 6 MB


Intel® Core™ i5 (3.Generation) 3230M Processor Ivy Bridge 2x 2.60 GHz
Turbo: 3.2 GHz
Cache: 3 MB

Otherwise both of the laptops are pretty much the same.. they both come with 4 GB RAM (upgradable to 8 - would do this myself).

The i7 Laptop comes with a faster graphic card but since I am not a gamer, I dont really see how this is relevant for me. And I would buy my own external sound card.

If anyone knows which processor is better for music production it would be great.

I would prefer the i5 Laptop bc of the price and the matt-display. So if both are actually great and the difference is not big enough to notice, please let me know.

I appreciate any answers! Thank you!

n0ahg 2013-02-21 14:29,72164

I'd still go for the i7 especially considering the i5 is also a 35W Max TDP chip so the battery life should be around the same. More cores and extra cache will help! I have a i7 3615QM with a matt screen in a Samsung Chronos and that's a 45W chip :-(

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