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tomriv 2013-02-21 15:29

Figure question

Im a keen Reason user but have also started playing with Figure for a bit of fun when ive got a couple of mins. The thing is I dont really get it. I can play with it and make a nice tune, mix it whilst playing (i.e. mute the drums for 4 bars then bring back in / play with the delay or filter on the bass or lead) - however when it comes to exporting to soundcloud or itunes it only takes 20 seconds or so of song and wont record or capture me playing with it (mixing etc).

Am i being dumb or can you really only export 20 seconds or so? If so i cant see the point of exporting - its just something to play with for a few mins now and again

vanKloot 2013-02-21 18:05

You can export what you can record, which is an 8 bar max loop. Export is a non-real-time function so nothing you have to do in realtime, will be exported.

Complete automation of everything including mix and key changes, is something those of us who love Figure have been asking for fairly regularly.

If you can handle an effective resolution of only 1/8th notes, try setting your tempo very very low and play everything at double speed. You can essentially get 16 bars this way.

tomriv 2013-02-21 18:48

hmm thanks!! for now its just a toy to play with occassionally then!

vanKloot 2013-02-21 19:37

Well... yes and no. You can mute tracks and export them one by one to iTunes and then import into Reason, loop them, etc. It can certainly be used as part of a complete production workflow, it's just not nearly as fluid or flexible as it *could* be.

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