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Anomecron 2013-02-22 22:49

Been holed up finishing off my new Album "The Desolate Sound of Extinction"
Hard to categorize stylistically as it's an amalgam of years of work in many respects with elements of jazz, ambient, idm, glitch, clicks and cuts, techno, filmic and classically influences all rolled into one - perhaps Space jazz might be appropriate but who knows.

Track Listing - (playtime Approx 57 minutes)

2.Opti is my Symbiont
3.Everyday is busy
4.The Emperor's New Rhodes
7.The Desolate Sound of Extinction (Parts I,II,III)
8.Organum Requiem

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Due to Label release schedules and contracts I can't preview the whole album in full as of yet, but here is a sneak peak / teaser of the whole mastered album condensed into 4:48 that doesn't give to much away. A lot of production and musical surprises with plenty of twists and turns along the way are not as yet revealed.
It's slated for an April 8th release - with a full streaming preview coming soon via my site and some special related EP freebies and music downloads slated for the release also.

Special thanks to Australian Artist Susan Gourley for the superb cover art. Covert is the copyright of The Channon gallery, Susan Gourley who gave me exclusive rights for the images use.
Enjoy - if you like what you hear let me know.

hamst3rf1sh 2013-02-22 23:22

I had a listen on soundcloud before. Absolutely brilliant stuff mate. Can't wait for the finished product.

Anomecron 2013-02-23 00:46

Thanks hamst3rf1sh

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