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ryaz 2013-02-23 08:51

Help With Mimicking This Synth
Hello there,

So I started getting back into producing music again after many years, but decided to dive into it more seriously.

So I decided to try to mimic a production song as close as possible before I started producing my own stuff to learn it. So far I have learned a lot just in trying to recreate this one synth in particular, but still haven't been able to successfully mimic the sound of it.

Here is the original production synth / song:

And here is what I have so far:

And yes, I know, it sounds nothing near the original :(

The more I listen in between what I have and the original, the further away it feels I am from getting to that sound. I've spent this whole week working on trying mimic this synth alone and still can't get it right.

Can anyone help me with the right direction on this? From hearing what I have, what does it sound like I need to add / remove / modify?

My higher notes on the synth seems to "flatten out" (if that's the right term) in comparison to the original. Or it doesn't sound as "sharp" as the original.

I originally had this on one Thor, but later copied and pasted it to separate the "bass" notes of that melody from the higher notes. I did this because I noticed in the original, the delay line / reverb doesn't affect the "bass" notes as it does on the higher ones, so I assumed that these were separated from each other.

For the higher notes, I have on my Thor:

If there's any other information / stuff that you need for me to post, just let me know and I can provide if able :D

ANY help is REALLY appreciated!!

Thanks for looking!

redcliff 2013-02-23 09:14

I liked it.
denton local music

Benedict 2013-02-23 09:14


I'm taking a (pretty reasonable) guess that the original is a Virus and I think there is a bit of overdrive or distortion happening there that is picked out with a high freq EQ to get it to leap out like that. Also the whole mix is limited to oblivion which is part of why it sounds so huge (and tiring).

You may do better using the MULTI OSC and if you keep the Dual Filter setup then Use Filter 1 24 Type I, drive the input and then Filter 2 tame any uglies. Let the Mixer or and external EQ handle the high pass.

I hope that helps


BTW your other tracks on Soundclud are quite pleasant.

xbitz 2013-02-23 09:17

I can create that sound with Virus because its a Virus timbre :D , in Reason hmmm maybe its help, so u definitely need some more layering

but its much easier if u buy a Virus :)

ryaz 2013-02-23 23:43

Thanks for your help! I still haven't had any luck in getting close to that synth :( Noob here hahah. Will have to keep working on it. BTW, what do you mean by "drive the input" and are two filters required? Actually, is there some type of tutorial / read up on sound designing / engineering for reason? I should probably start there lol.

And thanks for the comment on my older songs. They sound so noob when I hear them lol. But I will continue to get better! :)

ryaz 2013-02-23 23:48

Wow thanks for those videos. I was actually able to start a new song last night based off that tutorial hahah. Very good to know about layering that much. I never actually thought of having to layer on that many levels to get a good sound. :)

So how is your set up with using Virus and Reason? I was reading more on it and it seems that you can't use Virus or any 3rd party external for that matter, with Reason. I am very interested in Virus, but not sure how to implement an actual synthesizer such as this.

Thanks for the reply and videos!

ryaz 2013-02-23 23:49

Thanks! I was actually able to create a nice sounding bass synth before getting to this point.

djjams 2013-02-24 01:53

I think your synth is also lacking some stereo width which the original enhances by using a delay with different settings for left and right channel. You could work on this with the echo and a stereo imager. Also doubling your synth then slightly altering settings on the copy and panning one left and the other one right will help.
For the high end layering another thor with multi and noise oscillators routed thou scream4(cut low end) + eq could help.

Benedict 2013-02-24 01:58

The Virus and REason won't "integrate" the way other hosts will at all. You'd need to run a VST Host in ReWire mode to get both playing along. Bit of a pain and honestly you're better off right now investing time in what you do have.

If you absopositivelutely NEED Virus sounds then either look at samples or ReWire.


xbitz 2013-02-24 09:25

if u like those big trance sounds maybe u should try to use the poor man's Virus :D alongside with Thor etc. (otherwise yepp you have to use ReWire, there is a good article in Music Tech Focus - Reason 5 , but there are tons of videos on youtube in this topic too)

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