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Heliophile 2013-02-24 17:54

Heliophile - Nebula (synthpop w/ vocals)
Finished mixing a new track today (100% Reason) and am curious what you people think:
This song is intended for a 4-track EP, set for release this summer.

I tried to incorporate some of your feedback on my earlier tracks and I think it made this mix a bit better, so any suggestions for further improvement are very welcome!

K1TTENM1TTEN 2013-02-25 03:00

Looks like I am the first to comment on this track. I like this song, a lot. I've listened to it a few times on repeat at this point. It reminds me of Tears for Fears, which to me is a good thing and I am impressed :D You have a solid voice, and I love the way the song flows and the 80's goodness of this track. Honestly, very well mixed, solid era accurate sounds. I will say at 2:24 I was a bit surprised by the dropping/changing of keys, but I loved it.

Seriously, I do not normally give out a whole lot of compliments on here and usually just give solid constructive criticism, but this track is one of those exceptions where I gotta give you props (I probably should give more compliments come to think of it, haha) With that being said, I noticed the nice slight reverb on your vocals (I am assuming you double tracked and reverbed one lightly and kept one pretty dry) on the verses. This may be my personal preference or taste speaking here, but I think the vocals need a touch more reverb. Again, you have a solid voice so it is not to hide anything, but the lyrics give off this reflection vibe, and I feel like a little more reverb would be a nice touch to that add to that emotion. Props on the harmonies at 1:45, seriously, I absolutely loved that part. The backup vocals, to me, definitely needed more reverb to make them hang a bit more spacey to add that "I'm an afterlife reflection singing with the living" kind of feel. I am sure that came off a bit cheesy, but it made sense at the time I typed it, haha.

Again, these vocals, melodies, synths, guitar pieces, mix, everything really impressed me. But I think if you added a touch more reverb on those two bits you would have an amazingly well crafted piece of music (not that it is not already, but it could be just that much better). Thank you so much for posting this, and I look forward to hearing your future tracks!

carlgrace 2013-02-25 04:34

Wow. That was really, really good. I've enjoyed all your songs very much (as you know) but this just might be my favorite.

First, the guitar tone and playing you used are PERFECT. I've tried to get that nice 80s sound in Reason and I really hate rewiring... did you use the built in guitar amp for that?

You have the most unique style... your lyrics are original and your delivery is all your own.

Looking forward to your EP. Are you going to be selling it on iTunes? I'll be first in line.

Heliophile 2013-02-25 20:26

Thanks, Carl!!! Yes, the guitar sound comes from the built-in Line6 device, but I created the patch in POD Farm, which I have access to because I own a Line6 POD. The guitar track is artificially doubled by delaying the right stereo channel with a DDL-1 with a variable delay time. The delay time is varied by an LFO (Tremor inside a Pulverizer) and controlled in the programmer section of the track's Combinator. I learned that from Mattias' tutorial on how to build a guitar amp Combinator:

Yes, I'm planning to digitally release the EP through a distributor like CD Baby, so it will show up on iTunes and Spotify. Thanks for your continued support!

Heliophile 2013-02-25 20:32

Wow, thanks very much for your kinds words and useful suggestions! I definitely agree that the backing vocals could benefit from more reverb. They belong a bit further back in the mix. Not sure I agree about more verb on the main vocals, but I'll consider it whenever I revisit the mix with fresh ears. (My life has revolved around this mix for the last two weeks, so I'm a bit numb from it now, haha)

By the way, I don't intentionally use "era-accurate" 80's sounds. I guess it just happens naturally!

UberJimm 2013-02-26 00:34

Excellent work. Really enjoyed listening to it. I like the breakdown at 1:26 and also the one at 2:47 which has the guitar added in. Interesting lyrics too. Thanks for posting :)



carlgrace 2013-02-26 07:17

Bumping this because more people should have the pleasure of hearing this stellar work!

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