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tluth 2013-02-27 01:08

Routing ideas
Apologies if this has been covered; searches didn't turn this up. I come from learning synths from the old modular units, and I am found of unusual routings, many of which may seem to make no sense. Basically, I would like he option to use audio signals as control signals, but in most instances, I am not permitted to do so (the cable will not permit me to connect). For example, I want to use an audio signal to drive a modulation input, but this is not permitted. I realize that Subtractor has an internal FM option, but I would like t route my own version. Likewise, I recently tried using Ochen K's A series synth modules for modulating a Subtractor, but I am limited in what it permits. I realize this involves a third party extension beyond your control, but the idea is the same. The LFO works great as a modulator, but I cannot use the VCO to do so. Also, I cannot connect the envelope generators to the LFO, which I would love to do. I am trying to make a workaround, but it would be helpful to just be able to connect any source (short of ones that might result in damage) as a modulation or control signal. Thanks.

normen 2013-02-27 01:11

You can do that with Thor, it has audio inputs and cv outputs, in the modulation matrix you can route one to the other. And theres also a RE for converting audio to cv.

colcifer 2013-02-27 07:49

Thor's about as modular as semi modular gets; it should do all of this.

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