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NMRosta 2013-03-01 02:55

Dreamflow (ambient music)

I will make more music and mix it into this mix later on. Also i will go back to my old stuff ive made and make some remakes and then later on mix it into this End mix..

In the end i think it will be around one hour of ambinent music..
To be Continued

Thank you for your opinion. It means a lot to me.

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moofi 2013-03-01 03:03

Very good one. I could imagine some opening in reference to clarity regarding the overall sound.

EnochLight 2013-03-01 03:07


Originally Posted by FogstridEr (Post 1247042)
There will be more to putt into one huge mix..

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Episode 1 END MIX is awesome. Nice!

mastertonyd 2013-03-01 13:27

I like it! It starts off smoothly, and then the lift off!

scoobyman 2013-03-01 17:07

I like it too. You always make interesting sounds.

NMRosta 2013-03-03 23:13

Thank you so mutch! There will be more.

shiny64 2013-03-03 23:58

nice and soothing and rather intriguing too :)
For me personally I would like to hear it in much more clarity, it seems ever so slightly muffled, it would sound amazing with some top end sparkle to the overall mix.

nice work overall though.


NMRosta 2013-03-04 11:30

Thank you Shiny64 for your constructive criticism! I will keep that in mind futher on. Sometimes im not quite sure if the muffle sound take shapes because of the headphones or that i have some kind of bran... sorry. ear damages.. Who knows? :)

However i need to tell everyone that i LOVE 4DYNE (Everyone shoud have one) Also huge respect to Rob Papen, blamsoft, Synapse etc..........

hamst3rf1sh 2013-03-04 11:52

This is mega!

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