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plaamook 2013-03-02 08:21

pattern editing idea
there have been numerous threads lately about being able to edit multiple midi clips at once and i'm totally behind that. we def need more ways of editing midi and audio clips. but i would like to add...

some form of integration for pattern clips so that they can also be edited on the time line beside midi clips and those edits would effect the pattern sequencer on the rack. this would obviously be limited to the parameters of the pattern sequencer such as resolution and the current lack of polyphony, but the clips should also be edit-able by double clicking them, giving you access to vel and cv ammounts on the time line. gets very frustrating trying to edit Matrix patterns in time with a track and this is often needed as we can't copy CV data to track. the other benefit is that you can change one clip and it would effect all of that type of clip across the sequencer page.

the idea of copying all matrix data to track is also useful but i don't see a problem with having this as well. making it a much more open system.

anyway apologies if this has been mentioned or actually doesn't make good sense.

plaamook 2013-03-02 08:53

in fact, this idea gets around a major problem with the notion of writing cv data to track which is the cv amount knob on the back of whatever device you're sending a cv signal to. writing the data to track would bypass this knob, where as editing pattern clips on the time line doesn't.

of course we'd need a reverse pattern option too...

and polyphony
and automate resolution
and randomise within scales (sorry ochen k, i love that thing but you can't write CV Tuner notes to track)
and smooth cv steps
and where's a new bloody matrix already?!!!

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