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vanKloot 2013-03-04 22:29

Bug in Quadelectra CV Suite?
I'm just playing with this for the first time now so maybe this isn't a bug, but it sure seems like it...

If you set your knobs to a particular setting, then click the on/off button, It turns on or off control of the unit's knobs, but does not "bypass" the signal as I would expect it to, especially since there is no bypass switch.

Am I off base here?

psychowsky 2013-03-05 01:04


This is Theo from Quadelectra. I'm guessing you refer to the "CV Suite Line Processor" "On/Off".

The on / off switch refers to the processing chain and does the work of a "compare" button. So by turning "off" the process chain, indeed you'll let the original cv data to pass thru.

Basically it does work like a bypass switch, in the sense that it lets the input pass thru unaffected...

vanKloot 2013-03-05 04:51

Hi Theo! Great to hear from you. =)

So, this is what confuses me... the input doesn't seem to pass through unaffected. It stays processed, the knobs just no longer cause any changes in anything. If I change the knobs and turn it back on again, it immediately jumps to their new setting. If I turn it off, the signal does not change, but the knobs no longer do anything.

This doesn't sound like what you describe... any ideas what I may be doing wrong if anything?

psychowsky 2013-03-05 22:50

First of all, do you have the latest version? Although there was never such issue, its not a bad thing to ask :)

What I think that is going on is that you've connected your cv receiving device to outputs 3 or 4 and switched to UP (Unipolar) from the rear end. If this is the case then bear in mind that any incoming signal is "transported" to the bounds of the unipolar range regardless if the process chain is set to "On".

If that's not the case please send an *.reason example file with the problem you're facing to audioworx-support (at) quadelectra (dot) com

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