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carolinawoods2013 2013-03-11 00:48

new beat with some sample
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cool stuff i guess...

rankine15 2013-03-11 04:39

You need to follow the "verse bridge chorus" format. Each section needs a definitive melody.

Really neat, you captured a party rap drum kit and mixed a sad song. Keep it up!

My band is Rankine Star, feel free to download any song or artwork.

carolinawoods2013 2013-03-29 14:51

yea i can understand that . but why should their be an specific format to follow? no rules and no limits music is free there shouldnt be a law to follow. i have enuff law on earth as is. we dont need to lose the only thing we got our music which is from our spirit. but your right most people wanna hear that stock music.. lol and im just saying sometimes it needs a change

rankine15 2013-04-02 23:36


What you are arguing over is melody progression. What I am telling you, is that the ear is USED to only 4 4 timing tempo. If you do not standardize your files into blocks of 4 4 measures then the "image" looks skewed. Think about a picture, I want real dimensions that obey "predictability" in tempo.

If you want to increase the caliber of your songs, do you like singing to them?

Songs that people sing to are in the perfect tempo of the human speech.

I think as far as you all having "enuff law on Earth" you believe your pathetic fan base of a 1000 and online distribution of simple mp3's makes you too COCKY to improve your style.

Music is competitive, raise the bar if you want a physical printed CD.

I really liked your "Great Ocean" demo. I would submit it as a single to merchandising companies in California, i.e. record labels.

If you follow the standardized format, your cocky little band might actually make some money. Not Pride.

I hope you enjoy the reason files I gave you and that you take my comments as positive criticism, not fighting.

Take Care,
Rankine Star

carolinawoods2013 2013-04-03 02:48

great ocean? and i wont even mention wat i think about your music there star man..... thanks

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