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jameswagstaff 2013-03-13 02:43

Trial Rack Extensions Expiring Early!
2 days ago I clicked 'TRY' on numerous rack extensions, after updating to Reason 6.51.

I then updated my license key so that it works for Reason 6.51.

These trial rack extensions have all been removed from my computer and on the Propellerhead website it says that i have 'TRIED' them.

I didn't get my 30 days to see which ones to purchase.

Please can anybody tell me how I can get my 30 days back as I really want to try them before choosing.

Is it because of my ignition key being updated? Surely it has a record of the date that I clicked 'TRY'.

I love reason so much and was so excited :(

SteveDiverse 2013-03-13 02:48

The TRY licenses aren't written to your key, they are only online - you can only use them when using internet verification.

try accessing Reason using internet verification (key unplugged) - if you still have problems, double check that the RE's show on 'your account' >> 'rack extensions'. if not, post again, and/or contact support.

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