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littlejam 2013-03-16 06:07

how to route vsti/vst for Reason7?
hello, i am in the process of visiting

in preparation for reason7 midi out

the downloads are at the top of the 'google ads'
they are in grey: vst instruments, vst effects

doing research while reading the threads that deal with vsti/vst and reason7
it seems like VSTHOST/SAVIHOST will be needed (32/64bit) and you can stack/layer vsti/vst (it seems)

i talked with the CHAINER guy and he says chainer is no longer in production and is only 32 bit and will not load 64 bit plugins (bummer)

some threads also mention having to use LOOP MIDI which is also 32/64 bit...

some threads mention having to use VIRTUAL AUDIO CABLE // JACK
(any advice on using these now would be a big help)

(i prefer to go the completely 64 bit route, which is why i've also switched from acidpro 7 to reaper 64 bit)

(i use an maudio profire 610 interface with an asio driver but don't have it currently hooked up...)

thanks, j

reasoner498 2013-03-16 07:47

If you already have Reaper, then just use that.

Look in the manual for the chapter on ReaRoute.

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