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pindis 2013-03-17 20:18

Badittude by me.
Hi guys/girls.

I just wanted to share my recent Reason track signed to UK based label Diverted.

Tell me what you guys think?

matttrotman 2013-03-22 12:49

Really like this!

Similar sounds to a good mate of mines music...

Really nice work :)

DavidA 2013-03-23 03:44

Nice. Was it mastered with Reason's mastering suite? The song sounds way better then a demo quality.

pastoreric 2013-03-23 06:22

Very well done!

Wensell 2013-03-23 08:52

Sounds huge! Nice work.

pindis 2013-03-23 17:32

Thank you everyone! This was not mastered with Reason no, premastered yes. Then run through T-racks 24 :-)

Chiefman1031 2013-03-23 17:58

sounds great

MirrorEyes 2013-03-23 18:12

Get your Trance pants on space cadets, wooooiiiiiii.

LiquidSnake 2013-03-23 18:39

It put my trance tune to shame :(

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