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svenh 2013-03-23 16:35

Neptune questions
Dear forum members,

I have tried using Neptune a couple of times now for correcting vocals that are slightly out of tune. I find it a bit difficult to set up the Neptune parameters such that the vocals get in tune without the correction being noticeable. I don't know whether this is because my vocalist is too much out of tune or if it is because of my inability to find the right neptune settings, but I would be grateful if you have any pointers/links to good Neptune tutorials!

Anyhow, I have tested:
1) setting "ROOT" and "SCALE" properly
2) feeding Neptune with a midi track with the correct melody.

I would expect 2) to be better than 1) since that will give Neptune more detailed information. For some reason, however, alternative 1) always sounds more natural than 2) - why is this? Does 2) give wider catch zones leading to more brutal pitch shifting? Why can't I specify the catch zone myself when using a midi track?

Grateful for insights from regular Neptune users,

EnochLight 2013-03-23 16:42

I'd recommend watching these two Neptune tutorials. They were made for Reason+Record but - as you may or may not know - that's Reason 6.0+ as of now:

Good luck!

svenh 2013-03-23 20:51

Thanks EnochLight! The second video contained som new exciting info for me!

EnochLight 2013-03-23 21:55


Originally Posted by svenh (Post 1270402)
Thanks EnochLight! The second video contained som new exciting info for me!

Awesome - good to hear!

guitfnky 2013-03-23 23:08

I've had the same issue ever since I started with Reason+Record Duo. no matter what I do with Neptune, I can't get transparent sounding results.

actually, now that I'm listening to it again, even that second tutorial doesn't sound transparent at all. Neptune is great for voice synth stuff and messing around with formants, but it's not useful for me to get a natural sounding vocal.

although it was initially pretty frustrating, this limitation has encouraged me to push myself to become a better singer, so I'm okay with it. :)

if you manage to get some decent transparent results out of it though, I'd love to know how you were able to achieve them!

guitfnky 2013-03-23 23:17

oh, and as far as your catch-zone/MIDI track question is concerned, I think the reason using MIDI tracks sounds less transparent is because it's not using catch zones at all. it's just looking at the MIDI note that's playing and is being like "OMG I MUST CORRECT THAT PITCH!"

I think the only reason it doesn't sound transparent is because of how a note behaves when it enters the catch zone. even with the most conservative Preserve Expression and Correction Speed settings, you can hear exactly when a note enters the catch zone, because the pitch jumps noticeably. so unless the note already starts out somewhere within the catch zone to begin with, you're always going to have those weird artifacts. not exactly useful for those lines where you might be quickly sliding up into a pitch, or if you're close, but just outside the zone at the beginning of a particular word.

paulm0000 2013-03-24 08:46

I find Neptune is inconsistent and producers different results each time and needs a lot of work

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