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ballacr75 2013-03-24 15:30

Midi Out Device
Hi, it seems that midi out device in reason 7 doesn't have bank change. It is absolutely fondamental to have bank select msb and lsb, and it will be great ho have a programmer with 128 knob or slider that sends control change to external device, one cc# is insufficent, think to control a virus ti, cutoff, resonance, attack decay of both filter and amplitude env, lfo rate....

aisling 2013-03-24 17:43

ARe you beta testing? I was concerned that this could be an issue.....bummer if this is true and not worked out until reason 10.

Exowildebeest 2013-03-24 18:07

You'll be able to automate every CC in the sequencer.

For knob/cv control, there's indeed only one. But you can make multiple MIDI Out devices if you need more of those.

ballacr75 2013-03-24 21:20

And what about bank select? MSB,LSB like flstudio, or cubase 0 - 16384? I can't believe a midi out without bank select.

Knoeier 2013-03-27 17:02

I'm no beta tester, but i would be surprised if the program changes don't get sent through to the target midi device if i use the program change buttons on my controller. That for me would be problem solved.

normen 2013-03-27 17:11

The bank select standard is not implemented the same in all devices, I think thats why they didn't add it. You can easily just use normal controllers and paint them on the lane or even record the correct bank change signal on the track and play that back.

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