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manoob 2013-03-24 16:36

future of reason
thanks foe listening to us propeller.
I remember suggesting one click busses here couple of years back, and spec analyser.
I skipped over the 6 update because it didn't have it but this time I buy the update happily.

as fot future there is 2-3 thing I believe that will take reason further.
one get the big buys of plugins like wave,uad on board for your racks. they have massive experience and would be a great...
2-get a better support to soundcards like the one uad has with its own cpus to take the load of your laptop cpu and so that we can pushthings further. that is an important factor for pros who don't wont to bounce channels in order to free up ressorces that much for good reasons or make your own soundcard with its own quad core cpu ......
3. a controller unit for reason , you could allways do that together with some hardware manufactor, like behringer.....
it controller surface made for reason, ssl mixer, with motorised faders, . it only would need 6-8 channel and we could use it to change to the next 8 channel since the motorised faders than would just readjust.(small led lcd on top of channel telling the channles name)
4-5 encoders on top of faders would give more options for controlling more stuff. those 4-5 encoders could be changed in to using different things too, eq,,efx sends,... and so on with just some button. and a screen zoom in , move... button. a few buttons like for mute/solo,.... you get the idea.
behringer have made some decent midi controllers at great prices which is why I named them. 400-500 it would be a great investment for reasons users I believe...maybe than add the soundcard in to that to???

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