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mbbraverman 2013-03-25 00:53

Behringer UFO202& Reason 6 help
Upon the recommendation of someone on this forum, I purchased a Behringer UFO202 usb audio interface so that I could get Reason 6 to recognize my turntable as audio input, something that it would not do when I ran it through my Alesis usb mixer. Now Reason 6 does recognize the turntable, but every time I hook it up, it emits a high-pitched feedback noise automatically. Any ideas on how to resolve this? I know that it has something to do with the Behringer device since it happens whether I hook up my turntable directly to the Behringer or put it through the mixer first.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

MrPaully 2013-03-25 04:10

Those Behringer audio interfaces are a bit flaky. Are you using a Mac or PC? If you're using a PC, have you downloaded the ASIO4ALL driver?

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