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sweetbutt 2013-03-27 11:33

Sample ends in a slightly raw way
hey all

could you please have a listen to this sample and let me know if there's a way to avoid that grainy end of a sample

it's been faded out.. but it doesn't fades smoothly

seems like when there's not enough dB "power" say, the sample cannot fade smoothly..
weirdly sounds like there's a threshold for the fade...

file is 44/24Bit

thanks for your inputs ;)

scifunk 2013-03-27 17:33

If you load this in to reason as an audio clip you can use the right hand handle to make a fade.

sweetbutt 2013-03-27 20:40

I didn't explained myself pardon me :)

that has got a fade I already did on my sound Editor... I also tried to apply a fade on Reaper but it sounds the same..

did you get the small grainy sounds at the very end of the fade?

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