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wkeever 2013-03-27 13:51

Device Midi receive option
What if I could right click on a device in the rack, or a track for that matter, and when the cute little menu pops up, it has an option that says "Midi Receive" and when you hold your mouse there another menu pops up, and it has the following options:

Focused - Omni
Always - Omni
Always - Ch1
Always - Ch2
Always - Ch3
Always - Ch4
Always - Ch5
Always - Ch6
Always - Ch16

To me that is simpler than using the four midi buses.
If have several midi controllers connected, like say my V-Drums, and My Axiom-61 and My PadKontrol.

Then I could setup a Kong and tell it "Always - 10" Then set my PadKontrol on Ch10 and I'm done.

Then I could setup an NNXT with some drum samples, and set it on "always ch11" then set my Vdrums on ch11, and I'm done.

Then I setup a Thor, or even a combinator and set it "always ch1" and then set my Axiom to ch1, and I'm done.

I could have 3 people playing at once all three controllers.

Or a different scenario, I have an NNXT and a Subtractor in my rack.
I set up a split on my Axiom, and I tell the left side to be on ch1 and the right side to be on ch2. I set the Subtractor to "always ch1" and the NNXT at "always ch2."

Or maybe I want to do the same thing but with two keyboard controllers intead of splitting one. I just set one for ch1 and the other for ch2.

Or another scenario, I want to have 8 devices in my rack, all different sounds, all receiving midi from my 1 keyboard controller all the time, regardless of which track I'm focused on.
I setup all 8 devices, and select "always-omni" on all of them, and then just use the SSL to fade them in and out as needed.

I don't know the midi buses seem overly complicated, and not as flexible as a simple method like this.

What do you think?

By the way, thanks Props for listening and adding every single major feature request to Reason 7.0 You people really do listen to your users. Thumbs up!

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