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DimSee 2013-03-29 17:22

Get objectives feedbacks on your productions
here, I've found a lot of precious informations on propellerheads, it's very interesting!
Today, i'll talk about a personnal service: every music producer needs some feedbacks on his own creations. From this problem, we’ve decided (we are 5) to work on a website to get objectives feedbacks and a piece of advices for electronic creations and some styles (electro, house,dubstep, chill, deep, tech, and more) or types (original creation, remix, bootleg).
When you'll rate and comment a track, we've voluntarily hide the name of the artist. So, you'll rate a track for it qualities and not for the name of the artist (maybe David Guetta will habe a 2/10 for using samples .. lol)
We’re based in Paris but it’s worldwide :)
The website :
It’s beta version but the first version will be launch next week :D
Today, we’ve more than 1200 members, and we work with some great French artists and radios (FG DJ Radio etc)
There are some rewards for the artists. You can win a complete mastering by stems of your track, and some feedbacks from professionnals sound engineers
All explanations on the website or in this video (with subtitles).
Hope you’ll join our community. it's very useful for a producer, you can test your track to know if people will like it (or maybe not)

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