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Filterswept 2013-03-30 17:20

Propellerhead RE Shop Suggestions
There are a few easy changes that could be made to the Rack Extension shop that would be really helpful.

1. When I first viewed the shop, I had a really hard time actually figuring out how to see all the REs and not just the spotlighted ones. Maybe instead of putting "Browse" way up in the top right, just add something that says "See All" so I can intuitively get from the spotlight to the full list of REs.

2. Add an option to sort by ratings. Sometimes I'm not interested in looking for a specific RE, I just want to see which ones people already like.

3. Rather than just showing a score, show me how many downloads the product has or how MANY people rated it. If I see 5 stars, that doesn't tell me a whole lot. I would rather buy a 4-star product with 100 ratings than a 5 star product with 1 rating. Look at Amazon as a good example of this.

4. A comments feature would be a nice addition too so people can leave actual reviews of the products.

Just some suggestions, but they would really help me in figuring out which REs I want to Try/Buy. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

Mate 2013-03-30 17:21

Sort by price would be cool too!

Tokeijikaku 2013-03-30 17:27

1) No comment. Then again, I have the browse page pinned to my tab bar.

2) Yes.

3) Personally, I would prefer a thumbs up/thumbs down system for this sort of thing (with the score expressed as a percentage), but I agree on the general idea. Something even cooler to have in addition to the ratings would be a ratio between the number of people who have tried it and the number of people who have bought it.

4) This one is downright mandatory.

joeyluck 2013-03-30 17:36

Browsing Bug
Also, I'd like to note a "bug"

Currently when you browse by a category (say "developer") and you click on page 2 it is no longer sorted by the category you chose.

For instance, if I'm browsing by developer, page two should display the other two Zvork REs. However, when you click on page 2 Softube and Sugar Bytes are displayed.

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