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littlejam 2013-03-31 07:45

NewMexico Rap on the Map_From the Heart
heyhey, trying to get NM on the map for rap
any comments on sound quality will be appreciated
i mix through headphones which make things interesting...
using reason6.5.3
have a great easter

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LastAlternative 2013-03-31 09:39

Crazy man. I live in Albucrazy, NM. Nice to see someone else from the desert in the forum. Interesting rap. It's more like a spoken word to a beat but still, cool rhymes. Check out my song called My Shallow Heart. Peace yo.

littlejam 2013-03-31 10:10

heyhey @beerski, this is crazy that we are in the same town

you are right on the track...i grabbed this guy's freestyle from the youtube and just threw something underneath it

i'm remixing it now

i play some acoustic guitar

go lobos...j

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