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Babac 2013-03-31 20:47

HELP!! Rewire Problems Logic 9 & Reason Latest Updates!
Hello Eveyone who's seeing this!

Ok, im pretty bad at explaining things, but here i go....

When i want to record a instruments from reason to logic i first make sure it's in rewire mode
then i rout the output of the instruments lets say stereo 5/6( lets say its a piano) , then i create a externail midi in Logic 9 and then i select the reason folder on the right of the screen tab and select the instrument that i created in reason. Then create a aux channel and select stereo and then the input 5/6 wich is the piano lets say. So im able to hear the sound now and i can record it and so on eveything is fine up to this point.

Lets say i created everything from above the same but instead rout a difrent output lets say 7/8 and kong drums.
I record and stuff and it's ok. NOW COMES THE PROBLEM!!!!!!

When i click on the different instrument say the piano , when i play the piano i hit the kong drums aswell even when they are at seperate output and even not selected. but when i click on kong drums again i hear the drums out of phase. i dunno if this is known to anyone or this is a new kinda bug?
maybe there is something i have to click or something.
i created more instruments and routed them but depending wich instrument i click i can hear some instruments togheter playing. well its really wierd and hard to explain.
I hope someone out there have this resolved and know the way, i love using rewire mode and taking advantage of the RExtensions , so pretty please Hjälp!!!!

I hope i made myself understandable!


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