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Stereoimagery 2013-04-01 02:00

Commercial Pop Electro Dance

i normally dont produce pop songs but been experimenting as usual i guess hah.
the melody probably gets annoying but anyways

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any type of feedback is welcomed

vanKloot 2013-04-01 04:41

HUGE kick. Maybe too huge even, I don't have the most critical listening environment. I like the intro though, interesting spacy effects and noises. Builds tension nicely into the melody line. Which, yeah... is a little annoying. Probably more than anything because it's so constant. The notes never stop for a "breath". It reminds me of most people's Figure tracks, where they just hold their finger down the entire time and slide it up & down the note range. I think it could really benefit from a little space between notes, especially with such a "buzzy" sound.

Actually I like it when it comes in later, it's quite effective. I think it would be more powerful if it was hinted at earlier in the track, but not fully revealed until later when things are really pumping.

I think there are some good elements here for a smashing trance track, it just needs a bit of massaging to create a little more space between the lead sounds so they aren't fighting with everything else for attention.

Lateshopper 2013-04-01 11:08

The lead synths pretty cool, maybe a little much at the breakdowns ....only loudness wise, but a catchy tune. Great builds and drops.

Stereoimagery 2013-04-01 19:29

yeah, ive had this song for so long didnt really no what to add to it.

I think ive just come up with an idea though, i'll probably take the song down in a week.
In the breakdown, i may alter the melody and have it play on softer synths/instruments (more atmosphere aswell), and have it build into the buzzy drop melody.

as for the kick. i feel it is very punchy maybe even too loud, but it kinda feels like it balances out when the drop hits. but yeah i'll probably tone it down for the next edit of the track.

good feedback, thanks

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