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StewD 2013-04-01 03:45

REX load error - Reason Adapted 3
Hi all,

Just installed an old copy of Reason Adapted 3 that I got with my Korg PadKontrol a while back.

On running for the first time I get the error message:

REX Error
Couldn't load the REX Library.
The DLL file may be corrupt. Please reinstall.
Any thoughts?

Tried uninstall/reinstall .. same error.

OS is OSX 10.6.8. Wondering if such an old version of Reason Adapted is even compatible???

Rewire might be a problem too with this old version as I have Live 9.0.2 installed as well???

Any assistance appreciated. Was hoping to start playing around with Reason again to see if it was something I wanted to add to my Ableton set up.



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