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tvouras 2013-04-01 06:13

Auto-Labeling all notes in Edit Mode?
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I'd like to buy Reason, but I'm VERY new to music.

This competing software looks good for beginners, since when you're in "edit mode," it labels EVERY NOTE in your note lanes. This way, you can see "Oh, that's a B-FLAT," without looking across the screen to the vertical keyboard and counting keys, and without looking to the top of the screen where the "note window" tells you what type of note you've highlighted (see attached photo).

Does Reason offer anything like this feature (even thru a plugin)? I need the help! SEE ATTACHED PHOTO... it explains what I mean. Thanks!

tvouras 2013-04-01 08:41

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Here's another example of what I'm looking for (in Reason).

This example is Ableton (SEE ATTACHED PHOTO). You'll notice every note in Edit Mode is labeled on the note itself, such as "A5" and so forth.

Reason apparently just shows me each note as a NON-labeled rectangle, and leaves me to remember (or look to the margins trying to figure out) which tone each note represents.

Is there some setting or plugin that can make Reason auto-label every note in Edit Mode?

xbitz 2013-04-01 08:48

AFAIK there is no such a feature, but u can see the guide lines, you'll get used to it, gonna takes max one day ;) for sure

ps. then you gonna hear the notes inside your head, then the chords too :)
ps2. btw recognizing chords, Groove3 just released a super good tutorial Ear-Training-Explained-Triads

misterc 2013-04-01 10:35

Or buy Autoarp. :)

3rdFloorSound 2013-04-01 16:28

You're actually better off in the long run flying semi-blind if you ask me. That way you'll internalize the note placements rather than relying on the crutch that labels would provide. Easiest way when starting out is to remember that the white key preceding the pair of black keys is C, and the one preceding the trio of black keys is F.
The white keys are all natural notes rather than sharps/flats, so they are CDEFGAB in a repeating pattern. If you play only those keys, you're playing in the key of C major.


On the piano roll there's a C written every octave, if you count up from there like shown in the pic above it'll stick. You'll remember that the key in between the two black keys is D, just below C is B because there is no B#, (no E# either) etc.

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