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Kovkov 2013-04-01 21:33

[dj-mix] Wintermoon 30.03.2013, Ozon, Kloten, Switzerland
An oldschool techno/trance/jungle set i played last saturday

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Vinyl only, as usual ;)

1. Neutron "Module"
2. A II Z "one Muscle (String Mix)"
3. Agent Orange "More Acid"
4. Sunbeam "Smoke"
5. Bwohm "Bwohm Will Infect You With Rabies"
6. Plasma "Look Into My Eyes"
7. Jessie Deep! "Till You Die"
8. E-Motion 4 "Rising Energy"
9. The Martian "Meet The Red Planet"
10. Jessie Deep! "Nosferatu"
11. Ready For Dead "Diffusion"


12. Quasar Enigma "Motion"
13. Spinning Atoms "FF-Wind (Kinesic Mix)"
14. Tom De Lûxe "That's The Way...(it should be) (live mix)"
15. Zolex "Time Modulator (Il Vero Remix)"
16. Mental Overdrive "Lifa is a Wave on the Ocean of Love"
17. Mass In Orbit "Connect (UHF Mix)"
18. Headman "Work My Mind (Mixed by Oliver Lieb)"
19. Spinning Atoms "Sub-Set (Acid Phase Mix)"
20. Syncrotron "Molecular Analizer"
21. Underground Resistance "Shadow the Probe (Departs Mars Stardate 03.08.94)"
22. Cosmic Baby "Fantasia (Remix II)"
23. Mind Evolutions "Trancelate"


24. Airplay "Give Me Acid"
25. DJ Crack "Follow Me (Planet E Mix)"
26. Marusha "Go Ahead (Viking Mix)"
27. Protolysis "Tephra"
28. Life On Mars "Untitled Track (Info Side, Track 2)"
29. Omega Force "The Rhythm (Norman Mix)"
30. Azid Force "Brain Killer"
31. Danny Breaks "For The Thinking Positive Crew"
32. Ziggy P. "Ceremony"
33. Space Cadet "The Call Of The Jungle"
34. Internal Voice "This Poem"

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