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thizzlatin 2013-04-02 00:26

i need a good reason tone for my rocktron talk box
so im hoping that someone can tell me what reason tone would be good to use for my rocktron banshee talk box,
my set up is simple
im going out of my labtop,
into my talk box
turn on reason
create something
like a subtractor or thor,
wah-laa! so now here is the problem.....
im really wanting that zapp roger type of talk box
ive seen other people say a sine wavw on subtractor
but i cant seem to find one
if somebody has made this patch let me know,
i really dont feel i should go out and buy a micro korg or yamaha dx 100
when reason 5 should have the proper tone some where
i need the specific tone or patch set up
you know some one writing back saying
go to here find this tweek that add this type of directions
,not sure you can do it using something you cant find
thanks to all who accept the challenge cheers!

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