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jimmybonsaville 2013-04-03 04:04

Deep house 80's style!! 100% reason :D
Hi guys hope everyone is well and creating some amazing music haha Heres my remix i just finished for a deephouse 80's track :D Would love ANY feedback and critasizm as we are all learning and im still not great at finalizing/ mastering in reason ha!! Theres a free download as well if you want to use in any dj sets

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scoobyman 2013-04-03 05:23

So far sounds great. The "Woa Hoa" at about 2.08 could use more volume. She sounds like a mix between Debbie Gibson, and Madona. Keep up the good work.

eightecs 2013-04-03 11:34

Nice work! Although it's suppose to sound like the 80's I would add more pump to it to make it a little more interesting and up to date. It sounds a little flat as it is right now. I agree with the "woa woa" at 2:08, more volume there.

Regarding the mixing, it is suffering from the same issues I deal with in my own productions which is a little too much going on in the highs. Try some narrow cuts somewhere at 9kHz and 12khz on your hats and other bright percussion.

Great vocals btw!

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