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EQuinoxz 2013-04-04 12:36

A notepad (or something that tracks changes)
It's easy to get lost in the huge modulair system that is Reason.

To track all the plugging & switching of cables, adding of fx, mixing and mastering tools, automating, secuencing etc.. I write it down on a peace of paper or in a notepad. I save it in the same folder where the project is.


What if Reason could do it for you.. I don't think its hard to program such a feature.

So I suggest a Reason notepad:
- to write stuff down
- that automatically is saved with the project
- has an option to see how al is connected and where its possible to add comments
- had an option to get an overview of al the parameters that are automated and to add comments
- structured in a way that would enhance the workflow
- ...

A not so bad idea I think.

devilfish 2013-04-04 12:42

great idea!

It would also be nice to be able to name the cables..

tiker01 2013-04-04 13:14

I was thinking about the same yesterday building a combinator. It would be even nicer if reason could make like flow diagram of your signals what you can export as a pd for e.g.

And maybe take notes of changes in a log file since the number of steps you can undo is very limited.

normen 2013-04-04 13:15

You know, theres an app for iPad that records sound and lets you take notes and afterwards when you click on a line or word it jumps to the part of the audio where you took that note. Perfect for students obviously, wish I had that when I was studying.. :)

Anyway, what if this Reason notepad would have a similar functionality? Like you are somewhere in the rack and click some cable and then press some keyboard shortcut to make a note. It would remember on what item you last clicked and bring you back to a view where you see that item.. Writing this I can already think about some implementation and usability issues but anyway, just throwing the idea out ;)

escaloni 2013-04-05 05:23

There are some engineering apps that actually create an Ascii (plain English) script of everything you do, automatically. AutoCAD, a drafting program is one of them. It is powerful for documenting what you did when you are done.

To review what you did, make changes, all you have to do is click open that script file in notepad or any text editor, and read the file. Every movement you made, or change, or comments were incorporated into the script. If you lose the drawing, you can play back the script inside AutoCAD, and it regenerates the drawing, comments included. It is a utility that runs in the background and logs any actions taken during the drawing development.

Imagine if Reason could do the same. It could record every action from the mouse and keyboard, changes, files you imported, and comments introduced. Then you could remember all your activities and how you got there together with the logic of why you did some things. If possible, you could have a smaller portable Ascii text document that when you play it, it regenerates the entire musical composition simply by importing the text file into Reason. I like the possibility.

You could even make some changes to the script file in the text editor, and avoid having to go through lengthy rebuilds of a Reason rack setup. For example, you could change an instrument setup by changing the text, or replace Re a instrument with a Combinator by changing the text only then importing the text into Reason. It won't interfere with the operation of the software. It just follows the step by step instructions of how you might set it up manually.

I would love to see it happen.

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